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At the beginning of the month I had the immense privilege of attending a photography workshop ran by  Emma Case, Alternative wedding photographer extraordinaire.  I’ve always admired Emma’s style and approach to wedding photography and jumped at the chance to attend her ‘Welcome Home‘ workshop in Edinburgh at Studio 128.
I’m not really sure where to start with describing to you what this little workshop has given me.
Practically, I met some fantastic likeminded photographers, some I’d worked with before and others I’d met for the first time, but all amazing. We listened to Emma’s story, her journey to this point in time, watched Emma at work, taking pictures of the very lovely and extremely cute Dawn and Lee from Shutterbox Films, then split into groups to have a shot with the amazing Dawn & Lee ourselves and take pictures of each other too, which for most of us highly unusual! We then discussed business ideas and suggestions before heading off to the pub for some well earned dinner 🙂
So that’s the workshop in a nutshell…. but it was so much more.
As I sat on the train on the way home a few tears rolled down and I sat there wondering why I was getting so emotional.  Now to those who were there, this would come as no surprise, but why was I so overwhelmed at the end? Then it dawned on me, I have honestly never felt such as sense of belonging, a true feeling of finding home.  I spent the day surrounded by people who I really connected with and well, we all just understood each other, never has there been a greater feeling than that of belonging.
Wedding photography to me is all about the emotions of the day, give me a couple utterly in love any day over an amazing venue, drop dead gorgeous details or a designer dress. Of course I still love all that but to me it’s really about the couple, the day, the love and the story.  Listening to Emma tell us her love story, others love stories in pictures, meanings captured forever and the thankful words from her couples was just so heartwarming, emotional and inspiring.
So what did I get from this?  Well I’ve made some more amazing new photography friends who I already feel I’ve known for a lifetime.  But, most of all I’ve confirmed my approach & style and know the direction I want to take.  Plus I’ve realised how important it is to surround myself with the right people, those who inspire and nurture 🙂
So as the year draws to a close, on reflection it’s been a pretty big one and I can’t think of a more perfect, positive way to remind me of how far I’ve come and the people I’ve met and fallen in love with on the way, and the lovely Emma Case is most definitely on the list 🙂
Emma has done a little blog post on the workshop and included a superb little trailer by Shutterbox Films, if you look closely you’ll spot me!!  click here for a wee look!
Heart felt thanks to Emma & Pete, Dawn & Lee, and all the wonderful photographers that attended the course 🙂 Thank you all ever so much, you lovely lovely people!
Here are a few piccies from the workshop… I did more listening and soaking in than snapping but there are a few little crackers!
Zoe x

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    Looks like you had fun ! Good luck in 2013 Bx



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