The Rhynd Wedding – Eilidh and Innes
bride and groom under pollytunnel frame with stormy skies

This was my first time at the Rhynd in Leuchars, St Andrews and I have to say I loved it there.  The converted Cattle Shed at the Rhynd makes a fabulous unique venue and the perfect backdrop of Eilidh and Innes’s Wedding.  Eilidh and Innes’s paid attention to the details.  Their venue decor including a genuine hot air balloon basket for guests to hop into for the instax photobooth! was beautiful.  Hand-decorated jars with tealights, tables set beautifully for the candlelit dinner under the paper lanterns. It looked so atmospheric against the dark tones of the converted cattle shed at the Rhynd.

speech making top toast table and after

The family vintage cars caused quite the stir, all dress up for their wedding car debut. Innes looking cool as a cucumber driving over Tay Bridge in his restored Lotus Elan, complete with amazing gold glitter roof! The star of the show was his dad’s restored Aston Martin DB5.  Could there be a more of a glamorous exit from the church? driving away James Bond style, looking like a couple of movie stars arriving at the Rhynd for their reception.

bride back in into Just car With elan on helping his married gold lotus Windscreen groom sign

The highlights for me have to be; the fabulous confetti exit from the church, amazing stormy skies and contrasting light for the their couple shoot and photographing the beautifully lit speeches/dinner (and subsequent tasting of said dinner – yum! Thanks Lazy Sunday!) [Lazy Sunday also catered for Cat + Euan’s amazing Knockraich Farm wedding]  It was an absolute joy to photograph this beautiful wedding at The Rhynd and I couldn’t be happier to have be a part of it.

Congratulations Eilidh and Innes! So grateful to have been there to share your day with you.

2nd Photographer: Sam Yoffe
Venue: The Rhynd
Catering: Lazy Sunday
Bride’s Dress: Perfect Bridal rooms
Hair: Kirsty McPherson
Florist: Amy Annand
Band: Something Blue

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