I’m so glad I’m finally getting around to putting this post up….It’s one of those things, your personal photos go on the back burner whilst you edit your work, you put it to the bottom of the pile till it stays there so long it’s no longer relevant! I loved these ones too much though and really wanted to share and thrilled they’ve made it to the blog πŸ™‚Β  I took along my trusty Canon 5D with just one lens, my 50mm f/1.4 πŸ™‚ I aimed to think creatively about how I was shooting, the fixed focal length forced me to reconsider some of the shots i was taking from a different angle, I had a lot of fun πŸ™‚ oh and I’ve thrown in a few iPhone pics for good measure too πŸ˜€

This year there has been big changes for me, and at times it’s been hard, but I won’t dwell… Hard times require, holidays! Now I’m brave and adventurous but going on holiday alone with my lively toddler sounded one step too far…thankfully my lovely friends Claire and Graham were kind enough to invite us along to join them on the 2nd week of their holiday to Moraira, Spain.. how could I resist! I tell you, it was just what I needed, I had such a fabulous time, the weather was phenomenal, which always makes everything better πŸ™‚
Moraira is a very special place to me, we have a family villa there which coincidentally is in the same spanish town at Graham’s family apartment! The Villa was a little large for Nieve and I to stay in on our own and a tad far out, but we visited during the day to splash in the pool and Nieve and I spend our last two nights there.Β  I have so many lovely happy memories from my childhood holidays, looking out over the balcony the view takes your breath away, it was so special to breathe in the vista with my baby girl beside me πŸ™‚
So….off we went! Now this was not Nieve’s first time on the plane (in the sky) but she was just 6 weeks old, so I doubt she’d remember.Β  I was confident she would be ok, she’s an inquisitive girl but the thought of a very lively wriggly toddler on my lap sad beside poor unsuspecting child free individuals for a 3hr + flight was not filling me with confidence! I should have had more faith…..Nieve was sooo good on the flight and got more complements about how good she was than scowls from the next isle – phew!
Plane in the sky mummy!
After a rather rocky landing, and some screaming, clapping and wooooo hooooooooo ing from the back of the plane…(something to do with the numerous hen and stag parties and their early morning drinking!) We arrived safely in Alicante airport where I was greeted by a very fresh looking Claire, Graham, baby Finlay and some glorious sunshine -ahhhhhh now that’s the best feeling ever!
Shortly after arriving we ventured out to soak up some sun, get the beers in and have a stroll around Moraira πŸ™‚
What a feeling! It’s like coming home when I visit Moraira, the town is so lovely, I can’t describe it really it’s just nice πŸ™‚ I went to bed that evening with a very big grin on my face, eager to greet the next day for more fun in the sun.

Sleepy girl!

The following day we headed up to our family Villa to chill by the pool, chill being the operative word….it’s a rather large pool and isn’t really that warm.Β  Nieve, having taken swimming lessons since 6m old was soooo excited, kick-kick mummy, kick-kick! She wasn’t so sure when I dunked her toes in the pool but, not one to be proved wrong sat on the steps and happily splashed away.
After all that sunning ourselves we worked up quite an appetite! Cue awesome calamaris and Sangria & wine for mummy (Spanish was a tad rusty!) and one massive ‘kids’ burger for Nieve…
The following day I was rather crazy enough to head out for liberating run along the coastline – bliss! Afterwards more Villa poolside chilling was in order… Nieve and I headed out for a walk down the (very) steep hill from the Villa and took a few snaps along the way.
Running in spain is thirsty work!

In the morning Nieve and I took a stroll along the coast to a beautiful spot for breakfast πŸ™‚ Cafe con leche & croissant for mum, zumo de naranja for Nieve.Β  We soaked up some of the sights on our leisurely stroll back to Moraira before packing up some beach things and heading off to meet Claire, Graham and Finlay on the beach.
breakfasting and lunching vistas πŸ™‚
Sandy moustache!

Tuesday came around and we were off on an adventure! Claire was eager to travel North to Valencia and visit Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciancies (city of arts and sciences) designed by architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela.Β  I’m so glad we did, what an incredible place, if you get a chance, read up on the history, it truly is amazing. Γ‚ We took a stroll past the City of Arts and Sciences through the park, which was formerly the riverbed of the river Turia, it’s wonderful to have such a tranquil space in such a vibrant busy city.Β  The park was filled with cyclists, people walking, exercising, and chilling under the trees.Β  We had a wander round the bustling city centre and grabbed a coffee before heading back to the park for a picnic.

After our big trip to Valencia (taking the long way home – tee hee poor Graham). Nieve and I headed out for some dinner and cocktails followed by some impromptu yoga on the beach front.

A day trip that good calls for a Cocktail!
Wednesday was a glorious day, just look at that blue blue sky! After our adventures the previous day we chilled out in Moraira before heading up to the Villa for an early evening BBQ. Nieve and I spend the night at the Villa and chilled up there for a couple of days.
Now that’s what I call a breakfast!

All that chilling required one last visit to Moraira for Cocktails on the beach front at Eleven. We took a long walk down into town and spent a blissful late afternoon chilling with my baby girl and soaking up the view, good times πŸ™‚ Leftover BBQ was on the menu for dinner and a big cheers to our holiday. Best of all while Nieve slept soundly mummy crept out to the pool (now much warmer) for an indulgent 10pm swim in the moonlight – ahhhhhh take me back please!

Cheers Mummy!

Well there you are, if you’ve made it this far well done you! That’s a lot of holiday snaps! Huge thanks to the lovely Claire and Graham for inviting me to join them, it was much needed and very much appreciated. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family.

Hope you enjoyed my little slice of heaven πŸ™‚ I’ve popped a little video up Nieve saying hello and goodbye, in her finest Spanish πŸ™‚

Zoe x

IMG 1508 from Zoe Campbell on Vimeo.

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