Night and Day | Making the most of the shorter days

I’ve always enjoyed an evening stroll, the evening light is so compelling almost sinister yet magical.  The last week has seen my home village of Fintry sprinkled with snow and ice and we’ve had the most beautiful days full of beautiful light and eery fog.

I’ve been trying to encourage myself to keep moving, I really enjoying keeping fit and no stranger to exercise but often find it difficult to fit in anything meaningful during the week.  I recently got myself a fitness band (Garmin Vivofit) to track my steps and basically get my butt in gear.  It seems to be doing the trick in getting me to think about how to fit in more ‘steps’ on my editing days, most of my excuses are due to the lack of light in the winter, I have no idea why because I love a good evening walk!

With a lack of movement on this particular day I found myself home a little earlier than usual and took advantage of the extra time by heading out for a rather chilly, foggy walk.  I justified this by taking out my camera, certainly no chore, I’m fascinated by the way the fading light changes the scene so dramatically, I love the dark tones with hints of warmth and eery atmosphere.


The following day was beautifully crisp and bright, to keep up my daily steps I took a stroll with mum to do the nursery run on the same route, I love the contrast, but also how similar the tones are in the winter, such a beautiful time of year if a little challenging at times.


Night or day, lets get moving! I’m taking my midweek slovenliness by the short and curlies, lets see how it goes!


  1. Lindsey

    Beautiful work Zoe, I love where you live! x

    • zacampbell

      Ah thank you very much Lindsey 🙂 I love it too x

  2. Chris Hardaker

    You’re making me jealous, Zoe. Wishing I was there. xxx



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