Nieve is 3

I know it’s predicable to say so but I’m not sure where the last year has gone! My little girl turned 3 late August and I think I was just about as excited about her birthday as she was.  It’s a magical thing to watch the wonderment in their eyes as they count down the days till their birthday.  Now Nieve as I’m sure I’ve said many times is a very determined soul and was adamant after being a friend’s birthday party with balloons and a bouncy castle that she MUST have bouncing and balloons at her party – no pressure then! After already committing to her birthday present of a new (2nd hand) climbing frame there wasn’t much left for bouncy castle hire!?! That’s when my mum and I came up with a brilliant idea – outsource!


Nieve had her birthday party at Briarlands Farm a gorgeous little farm near Stirling with BOUNCING!! They entertained the kids, fed & watered them, and what’s better provided more bouncing and animals than Nieve could shake a stick at! The staff were just brilliant and it made the whole birthday party thing a lot easier, thoroughly recommended! I decorated the room with clear balloons filled with large confetti (tutorial here) weighed down with percy pigs and a Iwako Cow eraser 🙂 the balloon strings were adored with letters that spelt out their names as keepsakes which Nieve’s party host at Briarlands very kindly helped me to untangle!  Finally the 3 tier cake was a joint effort between mum and I with cute little helium filled water balloons and edible confetti as decor and matching cupcakes for the kids.

The party was a great success and I have to thank everyone for turning up and making Nieve a very happy young lady! and of course Briarlands for providing the wonderful venue and looking after the kids so well.

The following day on Nieve’s actual birthday we had a family day which was soooo lovely.. I took the opportunity to take Nieve out for a mini portrait shoot in her super lovely party dress courtesy of mum.  As if by magic although not knowing Nieve had a smart dress to wear I had the perfect coloured balloons and leftover helium to provide her with some props/distractions.  I’ve put the little session together in a super cute video a the end of this post, do have a peek 🙂

My girl turned 3 and it went a little something like this…..


  1. Gemma Jones

    Lovely photos of a great day xx

  2. Catherine Haslam

    Oh my word! This is your best work yet! Not the I am biased at all!! x <3

  3. Pamela Denny

    Lovely! Looks like Nieve had a really lovely birthday, and the photos are gorgeous!

  4. Linda Adams

    What fantastic photos Zoe, love the video, looks like she had a fantastic time x

  5. Chris Hardaker

    She’s growing up so fast, Zoe. Love the matching dress and balloons. xx

  6. Mareike Murray

    So cute, what a great idea with the balloons. Love the cake as well and might just steal the idea for Louisa’s 4th 😉



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