It’s so easy to think that there is no time to stop.  I was discussing this very subject on a rare night out last week with my photography friends, when one remarked ‘how do you get the time to run?’ I replied ‘I don’t’ and began to explain, I never actually have the time, I just have to make it. A lot of my photography friends are in a similar situation to me, juggling motherhood and self employment, as most know, there is a lot of guilt involved with children add self employment to the mix and you have a double whammy!  When your spending time with your children your worrying about the work that’s not being done, and visa versa!

Anyway, I was picking up Nieve one morning after being away for the night, at last we had a beautiful, sunshine filled day! So I thought I’d treat us both to breakfast at The Wishing Well, a lovely little coffee shop close to us in Gartness. They opened at 10am so we had a lovely sunny walk before breakfast. Luckily I had the camera with me and enjoyed taking some snaps of Nieve enjoying her walk.

On this particular morning, I had just as much work to do as I always do, but to me at this time, this was more important.  Nieve had a wonderful time and so did I, I returned home late morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the days work.

The point that I’m trying to get to, is all to often we don’t have time, but it’s there.. we just need to force ourselves to use it 🙂 Moments like these pass us by if we don’t stop to splash in the mud with our loved ones.  My work didn’t suffer that day, infact quite the opposite, I felt refreshed and was more productive and focused as a result.

Here are some snaps I took, I hope you find the time this weekend to stop.
Much love, Zoe

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