Few people can just nip down the road to visit their local waterfall, but yes, this beautiful place, the Loup of Fintry is just a few miles from my home.  [read more about the loup here on visit scotland]

I love seeing the colours change over the seasons, days and even minute by minute how the light moves over the hills, it’s just beautiful. Susann and Robert came to visit in Spring for their adventure session, the scenery was nothing short of magical.

The Loup of Fintry is around 3 miles from the village of Fintry, my home! I love this place so much, in fact Sam and I had our own wedding photos taken here! you can see a few of those in my post about local wedding venue Knockraich Farm. It’s a short drive from the village and you don’t have to walk far along the path to get to the waterfall.  It’s best viewed after heavy rainfall, when you can hear the roar of the water from the roadside! Plus stormy skies make for amazing, atmospheric pictures! if only we could order the weather?

It’s a beautiful place to explore in all seasons [view Alex and Neil’s Summer Engagement Session at the Loup]. You’re not far from civilisation but it feels very remote and secluded. It’s quite literally over the hill from Glasgow, less than a 45min drive to the city centre! So the perfect escape for an adventure together.

If you’re planning an Adventure session close to Glasgow look no further than the stunning scenery surrounding the Loup of Fintry. I know the area like the back of my hand and there are plenty of places nearby in Fintry for more adventures where I can show you all my favourite hidden gems.

couple on their engagement session with the loup of fintry in the background couple on their adventure session by the loup of fintry the loup of fintry couple on their adventure session, waterfall at the loup of fintry couple on an adventure session at the loup of fintry photo of couple on their intimate, romantic engagement session in fintry. rainbow after the rain, couple posing under a rainbow at their engagement session at the loup of fintry intimate, romantic photographs on their engagement session at the loup fintry couple on their engagement session loup of fintry woman pictured with curly hair blowing in her face views over to the campsie fells from the loup of fintry

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