Loch Morlich Wedding | Neil and Jen

I’m so pleased to be finally sharing this with you. Neil and Jen were married in April this year on the beautiful shores of Loch Morlich, Aviemore, a stunning and ever so slightly windy ceremony on the beach.  Neil is a good friend of mine and awesome fellow photographer, I was so pleased to be asked along as a guest and every happier to be 2nd shooting alongside the awesome Sassy from Assassynation.

Thank you very much to Neil and Jen for inviting me to their wonderful wedding, it was truly beautiful and still brings a tear to my eye looking through the ceremony photos. Big thanks to Sassy too, you really are an awesome chick!  I’ve made many good friends in the last year and Neil has to be up there with the best of them, I couldn’t be happier for you Neil.

Zoe x



  1. Catherine Haslam

    these pictures are so lovely. I have only met Neil once but your pictures have introduced me to his other half, and they are made for each other! I wish Neil and Jen all the luck in the world! x

  2. Lindsey Parker

    Gorgeous Zoe! Neil Thomas Douglas Photography you scrub up very well. Beautiful wedding. x

  3. Alison Hunter

    Beautiful location made even more beautiful by your stunning photos. X


  4. Carole Douglas

    Lov the photos they still make me proud and smile ,thanks so much

  5. Laura {Babb Photo}

    That Neil. What a dude. Great work, Zoe.

  6. Ray McShane

    Great Zoe x



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