Loch Lomond Wedding – Ashley and Rory

But what if if rains? It’s Scotland, so lets face it, there is a high probability it will rain on your wedding day, but fear not, it’s all about how you embrace it!

Ashley and Rory had their heart set on an outdoor wedding ceremony by the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond. Making the call on wether to have an outdoor ceremony or not is a tough one, but believe me when I say that no matter what you and your guests will have an amazing time.  It was wet, but it made for a super romantic serene backdrop and a ceremony to remember. If you’re worried about the weather putting a dampner (hehe) on your plans, it’s best to keep guests in the know, so they can be well prepared. A simple note saying, ‘we’re getting married outside no matter what, it might rain so be prepared!’ should do the trick.

With the rain there is always a chance of some moody skies, which is exactly what Ashley and Rory got, combined with a sprinkle of sunshine in the right places, we absolutely lucked out with the atmospheric weather that showed off the beautiful blue tones of the Loch.




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