Something different to show you today….

Honore contacted me about an evening shoot, she asked if I would take a few pictures of her and her girlfriends in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow, how could I resist!  What fun we had, such a lovely bunch of beautiful vibrant girls, they all made me feel very welcome so thank you girls!
The reason for this get-together was to celebrate their friendship as Angela was due to head back to Canada after living in Scotland.  The shoot was short and sweet, and mainly involved prancing around George Square in front of the wheel before retuning a tad soggier to Royal Exchange Square before the girls headed for dinner at Café Rouge.  I was so pleased to be there to see Angela opening her fantastic gift from the girls, a framed, personalised article from the (fake) Herald, it was very sweet.
Big thanks to all the girls, Honore, Flora, Liz, Johanne and Angela…..and all the very best of luck to Angela for the next chapter.
Zoë x

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