I had a fantastic day today, an early morning shoot with the gorgeous little Aaron….soon to be featured πŸ™‚ a spot of indulgent child free shopping followed by some sunny spring garden time at my parents house with my gorgeous girl, could mothers day be much better?!
Anyway since it’s mothers day I thought I’d take a good few snaps of my gorgeous little lady, and show her off a little….it’s been at least a few blog posts since she’s made an appearance – hehe.   I’ve messed around with the processing a little, gone for a cooler spring like look πŸ™‚
Nieve is shaping up to be a fine young lady, and continues to astound me each day.  Her first words over the monitor this morning (clear as day) were…”Where are you bunny? there he is!!! awhhh bunny” how cute is that!? love you very much Nieve…you may not be able to wish me happy mothers day yet, but as they say.. actions speak louder than words, you may as well have said it 1000 times πŸ™‚
Big love,
Zoë x

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