Well, I’m going to say something very predictable…I simply cannot believe it’s been a year since I was blogging Nieve’s 1st birthday party and talking about my first year with my little girl, and now she’s 2!!
My mum and I held a little afternoon tea party for Nieve at my family home in Fintry.  There was a lot of WOW presents mummy! and excited giggles as well as dancing!  Nieve had already been introduced to her present from mummy before her birthday, her very own kitten named Pixel, who I’m glad to say is settling in very well 🙂 She did have a few little presents to open on the morning of her birthday so we popped them into her bespoke birthday wigwam! which by the way was handmade by my uber talented mother and is available to order via her etsy shop 🙂
I took a few snaps of Nieve opening her presents in the morning from mummy, mum’s mum & papa, but got a little caught up in being host in the afternoon! I finally managed to grab the camera later on for a few more snaps and more present opening, including her tractor! oh and not to forget Nieve’s Bagpuss cake which I was really rather proud of! 🙂
Big thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate Nieve’s birthday and all her lovely gifts, she’s such a lucky girl!!
Happy Birthday My Gorgeous Girl,
Love always, Mummy xxx

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