Every time I visit the wondrous landscape of Glencoe it looks completely different. The luminous greens of the summer to the deep browns and dusted snow capped munros in winter, and the stunning copper tones of Autumn.  This visit was no exception, in fact so much so I had trouble recognising spots at times.

Kait and Matt came over to Scotland on holiday and asked me to document their Scottish adventure. We had the best time on our tour of Glencoe.  I even did my best tour guide and chauffeur job although I won’t give up the day job just yet!  We had an absolute blast, spotting shy deer, running away from the midges (and boy there were a lot!) and adventured into the last few seconds of daylight.

Needless to say it’s never a chore to head up to Glencoe, and always a magical adventure, even if I have to battle a few midges.

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