Stunning bespoke hand crafted album printed on beautiful art cotton paper.  Cotton or Leather cover with choice of colours embossed or printed with your names on the front cover, presented in a presentation box and cotton pouch.



Made with archival quality materials that will last a lifetime this is the perfect way to present your wedding images.  These albums are lay-flat which means there is an almost invisible crease down the middle of the spread allowing you to print over both pages.  There are a broad range of cover options available including personalised foil text and embossing.


15 spread (30 page) 12″x12″ £525
– additional spreads £15 each
15 spread (30 page) 10″x10″ £450
– additional spreads £12.50 each
Duplicate 6″x6″ ‘parent albums’ from £120


Ordering is simple, please fill out the contact form below stating your preferred size of album 10″ or 12″ and I’ll get started on a design.

Designing your album for you is usually the easiest way to get started, it helps you see how the images look together.  If you would prefer to choose the images yourself you can do this by selection your favourites in your online gallery, I can see your choices and download your selection.


The cover options are Cotton and Leather, the cotton comes in a variety of colours, in ranges, essential, bold and pastel.  The leather comes in 3 ranges, contemporary, eco and vintage leather.  The vintage and eco leather will incur an additional charge.  You’ll be guided through the colour and material options during the design process. Text options are dependant on cover choice and include debossing, printing and foil.



Do you have a sample album I can view?
Yes I do! I’d be more than happy to meet up for an album consultation at my home or nearby Fintry, Stirlingshire.  If you’re having trouble choosing your album cover I can arrange for some samples to be send to you at a small cost.

Can I make changes to the design?
Of course you can! you get up to 3 draft designs for your album and can make as many changes as you like, after that if you still need to make changes each draft is charged at £30.

How many pictures will be in my album?
The final number of images presented in the album is entirely different for each design, however as a guide most designs are around 100-150 images.  If you’re choosing your images for the design I suggest choosing 80-100 images as a starting point.  It is possible to have pages with around 12 images per page but this isn’t recommended for the whole album as it the design would be cluttered. The maximum of spreads you can have in this type of album is 40.

How long will it take? 
The design stage is completely dependant on how long each stage takes, each draft has to go through a design and review stage and how long this takes depends on how many changes there are, average is usually around 2-4 weeks.  After the design is complete production of the album takes approximately 3 weeks.

Does the price include delivery?
Due to the weight of the albums and to protect them from damage I suggest collecting your albums in person, this allows me to check over the album for you and make sure everything is tip top.  If you would like to arrange your album to be delivered direct to you this is an additional £20.

Album Order Form

Album order form
    Please let me know if you would like me to start the design straight away or if you would prefer to send over image choices. Image choices can be made by selecting the images as favourites in your gallery.

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