Fields of Flowers, Almodovar | Carla and Nieve

Well this little story started with me leaping around my kitchen and a giddy phone call to my mum (as you do!) exclaiming ‘I’m going to Spain!’.  Laura and Nick booked me as their photographer for their wedding in the south of spain in May this year, I sooooo can’t wait to show you their photos, they are waiting in the wings ready for their grand unveiling.  So, not only was I going to SPAIN to photograph a wedding but as they would be married close to an area I know well I was going to stay with a friend of mine for a few days too – bonus!! To make the most of the trip I decided to take my daughter along with me, and of course her babysitter extraudinaire.. my mum 😉 Nieve and I spent a few lovely days together with our friends in Almodovar del Rio staying at the amazing Almudawar Hotel before heading off to Malaga airport to collect mum the day before the wedding.   We were very well looked after and Nieve and her Spanish compadre had an absolute whale of a time playing together.  On my return from Laura and Nick’s amazing wedding we got the girls together for a little shoot in a field of flowers we found on one of our explorations, it’s such a lovely reminder of our time together in Spain.  There are a few taken on my little Film Camera my vintage Canon AE-1 🙂

Thank you sooooooo much to Arantxa and Alex (and of course Carla!) for looking after us so well, we really felt like part of the family for a few days and had such a lovely time and as always thanks to my amazing mum for flying all the way over to spain for a few short days in the cold?!?! weather, I couldn’t do any of this without you, your amazing.

So without further ado.. here is Carla and Nieve’s Spanish Adventures 🙂




  1. Catherine Haslam

    beautiful! Happy memories, even though…..brrrr!

  2. Lindsey Parker

    Beautiful. Those flower shots are amazing. x

  3. Jen Owens

    Ahh so cute! Beautiful photos Zoe x.

  4. Eva S. Tabernero Neira

    Beautiful! 😀

  5. Jayne Sacco

    These are GORGEOUS!

  6. Concha Colina Vega

    Beautiful photos! Que bonitas



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