Evening Sun | Balfron

I was going to start this post by justifying the need to take time for myself, but really we shouldn’t have to.  All too often in our modern, busy lives do we feel the need to apologise or justify time just for ourselves, when really, isn’t that what life is about? Soaking up the sun, breathing in the summer air.

It’s difficult to create boundaries when you run your own business, divide time between you and your work.  I’m lucky enough to absolutely love what I do and still wake up every morning pinching myself, but I did find myself yesterday thinking, what will people think if I put these up?  I wanted to create an open and honest business, put every fibre of myself into what I create, this to me is working with people who I love, admire and want to be friends with which is why I share my life with you all.  So putting these pictures up is more about celebrating summer and my personal exploration than work but I wanted to share a little of me 🙂

I hope you’ve all been taking a little time to soak up some sun and basque in the summer air, after all what is this all for if we can’t enjoy life 🙂

More real work soon, but for now here is some experimentation with my Lensbaby, some selfies and a few farm animals 😉




  1. Rosie Woodhouse

    Beautiful Zoe and good for the soul!

  2. Pamela Denny

    I love these! (As usual!) X

  3. Zoe Barrie

    oh Zo – beautiful <3 xxxxx.

  4. Nikki Leadbetter

    Gorgeous girl these are fab images. They have just made me very relaxed looking at them! xx

  5. Neil Thomas Douglas

    Beautiful photos and true words 🙂

  6. Jen Owens

    Beautiful pictures Zoe xxx.

  7. Jessica

    WOW – what a stunning set!!!!! Please can I come visit?!!!! xxxx

  8. zacampbell

    owh thank you Jessica, you can visit anytime!!! always welcome lovely xxx

  9. Lisa Devlin

    It’s so good to take a break from all the busy, gorgeous images x

    • zacampbell

      thank you lisa 🙂

  10. Lindsey Parker

    Beatutiful Zoe! x

    • zacampbell

      thank you lindsey 🙂

  11. Rhona

    Beautiful lady and lovely pictures. Really stunning.

    • zacampbell

      thank you very much rhona 🙂

  12. Den

    Gosh that is an enchanting post. They are really engaging self portraits.

    • zacampbell

      owh thanks denise 🙂

  13. Pamela Kavanagh

    So creative and beautifully captured Zoe. x

    • zacampbell

      thank you pamela 🙂

  14. Sharron

    Beautiful, gentle images. Such calmness. Really lovely.

    • zacampbell

      thank you so much sharron x

  15. Rob Dunning

    Zoe, those pictures are fantastic, they look so fresh and just a pleasure to look at.

    • zacampbell

      Thank you very much Rob 🙂

  16. Chris Hardaker

    Lovely shots, as usual Zoe. Makes me “home”-sick. xx

    • zacampbell

      thank you chris 😀

  17. Kristin

    it’s so important to get some time out – lovely photos Zoe!



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