I am constantly looking at new ways to further develop my photography skills and expand my creativity.  For me, being the gregarious person that I am this means meeting with other photographers and working on something that pushes us creatively. I already regularly take on 2nd Shooting work at Weddings, which I enjoy very much and feel it helps to make me more creative for my own weddings.

With this in mind I decided to set up a Photo Club, aside from sounding exceedingly geeky it’s a great opportunity for us photographers to meet up for a good chat and take some photos for fun 🙂  Each month the group will set a theme or assignment, and this month’s was Double or Multiple exposure.  The very lovely Vivien offered to model for us in Glasgow city centre, and despite being exceedingly cold she was very patient whilst we all figured out how tackle our assignment!

I was joined this month by Lindsey from Mack Photography and Neil from Neil Thomas Douglas Photography who created some stunning work! thanks for joining me guys!

Here are some of my pictures from the day, thank you very much to lovely Vivien for modelling.

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