Come rain or shine, Loch Lomond Engagement | Rhona and Will

I rarely hold my hands up and admit defeat when it comes to weather, I will pretty much battle through anything. This day, however it was a test to say the least.  Rhona and Will chose the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond for their engagement session as it was were Will proposed.  We met up for a chat nearby hoping the torrential Scottish rain would subside, unfortunately this wasn’t the case, now just to clarify I’m not talking about a little bit of rain here, us scots are used to that, this was non stop monsoon type rain!! Anyway we trooped on, clinging to the edges of a building we found up near Rowardennan Pier before Rhona and Will bravely ventured out with their brolly for a shot amongst the beautiful trees.  After exhausting all possibilities and soaked through after just a few minutes in the rain we moved on, as we parked up the rain was still pelting down then – hallelujah! a gap in weather!! we ran out onto the shore and got some beautiful shots by the misty water, persistance does indeed pay off! Rhona and Will were absolute stars and were rewarded with some lovely images, it also helped incredibly for their December wedding as when faced with some Scottish drizzle and howling wind didn’t hesitate to dive out with me for portraits – absolute stars!  I’ll be blogging the wedding soon so keep you eyes peeled! but for now here are the wonderful Rhona and Will 🙂




  1. Vicki

    Absolutely LOVE Zoe! Sooooo much character and beauty because of that rain!!!! xxx

    • zacampbell

      Thank you Vicki! 🙂 We had lots of fun x



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