Afternoon lovelies! I thought I would share with you today a few more piccies from Christmas Day, Nieve’s new gorgeous Tartan Butterfly slippers.

Tartan Butterfly make gorgeous handmade baby shoes designed a produced by the utterly wonderful and super talented Jackie Stanford. They are truly beautiful and make such a wonderful gift for baby.  I’ve lusted after these shoes for a while and finally got round to asking Jackie to make a pair as a Christmas Present for Nieve.

We live in a rather chilly house and poor Nieve spends most of the time walking around on her tippy toes to avoid the cold on her feet, so I asked Jackie if she would be able to make slippers, no easy task! The difficulty is making shoes that are sturdy enough to withstand a robust toddler tearing around the house, on different floors with enough grip so they don’t fall and cozy enough to keep their feet warm without slipping around.

I’m thrilled with the slippers, just perfect and so luxurious! I picked the fabrics & trim for the slippers from Jackie’s beautiful collection, the outer is made from heard wearing and stunning Harris Tweed and has leather soles.  So far they have done an outstanding job and despite already getting a lot of abuse scraping along carpets and running up and down the hall there isn’t a stitch out of place or a tear of fabric in sight, such amazing good quality and well worth the investment 🙂

It’s really hard to find shoes that stay on babies feet, in particular with little wrigglers like my little monster was and still is.  Tartan Butterfly  shoes are excellent quality, hard wearing and very well designed, I can not recommend them enough.  So if your looking for a unique gift for a new baby or toddler what are you waiting for pop along to the website and take a look at Jackie’s beautiful creations.

Zoë x


Featuring Tartan Butterfly slippers handmade in Aberfoyle by Jackie Stanford.

Tartan Butterfly

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