5 Top Tips on how to create the best confetti photos

Believe it or not great confetti photos require a little bit of organisation and planning to get it right. Here are our 5 top tips and advice for for creating great confetti photos.

Stylish, Alternative Wedding at the Tin Shed at Knockraich Farm, Fintry

1. Choose your wedding confetti wisely

There are lots of different types of wedding confetti. Dried flowers, flower petals, paper, pom poms, popcorn, lavender or confetti alternatives like bubbles. Have a look to see what effect you’re going for and how colourful you’d like it to be. Also consider the size. Too small and you might not actually see much in the pictures. Too big that it won’t fly far enough or cover most of your face!

Try to be as eco friendly as possible, especially if outdoors. Natural confetti, buds, petals, leaves and seeds are a great option and available in an array of colours to fit your theme. On the subject of outdoors be careful with your wedding confetti that has dye, if it’s wet you could end up staining your outfit 😱

[for more ideas on how to make your wedding eco friendly check out our sustainable wedding pinterest board]

smiling bride as groom confetti and falls
The Rhynd Wedding – Eilidh and Innes

2. Where and when will you be throwing it?

Usually your confetti moment will be after your ceremony but anything goes! You don’t just have to throw once either! Here’s a few ideas for when to throw your confetti.

The moment you say I do!

Surprise your guests with confetti canons set of the moment you’re announced to be married.

confetti rains down as couple are announced to be married. Bride and groom hug each-other in celebrations

Ceremony/Reception exit

Get your guests lined up and primed with confetti for your grand exit.

bride and groom running through confetti being thrown by wedding guests
Woodland Themed Autumnal Wedding | Ruth and Neil
Austrian-Scottish Knockraich Farm Wedding: Lederhosen and Kilts

After your group photo

If you decide to have a picture of all your guests together. Arm them with some confetti for throwing after the big group photo. This means you don’t have to organise getting them together twice.

Confetti with their guests
Castle Lachlan Wedding | Iona and Graeme

First dance

This one is so much fun, dancing to your favourite tune whilst confetti rains down. Confetti canons are great for this but check with your venue to ok it as the confetti gets everywhere.

wedding confetti canons on the dance floor
Summer Garden Wedding Clear Span Marquee | Alex and Neil

3. Aim high!

If your guests aim high above your head the confetti will rain down over you and create a nice effect. Left to their own devices, wedding guests do tend to throw at the couples face which results in mouthfuls of confetti approximately 9 times out of 10.

4. Positioning your confetti throwers

If you’re outside take care with the direction of the wind. You don’t want all that confetti flying off in the wrong direction! If the wind is strong consider giving more confetti to the guests who are throwing with the wind rather than against it.

If your guests are forming an aisle for you make sure they aren’t too far away. You want them fairly close for maximum confetti coverage. Equally if your using canons make sure they aren’t too close so the confetti rains down over a larger area.

wedding guests throwing confetti at married couple
Snow dusted winter wedding at Glen Tanar Ballroom | Jessica and Cameron

5. remember to smile!

Believe it or not having things thrown at your face isn’t an everyday experience and you may find yourself accidentally grimacing as you inhale a mouthful of confetti 😂

couple smiling as confetti is thrown just after they have been married
Cambo Summer Wedding Highlight Video | Cate and Jonny


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