Two thousand and twelve was a bit of an odd year for me.  It was a year of changes, and big ones too! So often it’s easier to look at things in a negative way but for me a lot of these changes have turned into big positives, I’ve moved on in my life in so many wonderful ways, and I wanted to celebrate.

The idea of this shoot evolved from a conversation with lovely dress designer extraudinaire Wendy from Flossy and Dossy.  We were discussing creating a dress for me to prance around in for a celebratory shoot, when it dawned on me, I already had a dress we could use, my wedding dress! I’m a great believer in recycling and reusing so the idea of being able to reuse my wedding dress was appealing to me, it also sat well with the idea of celebrating what you have 🙂 I’ve popped some ‘before’ pictures up below, taken by Elemental Photography on my wedding day.

I think this is a lovely idea, not just for those who want to reuse their own wedding dress but also for brides who would like to have a custom dress, this dress was over £1000 originally and the fabrics would cost a fortune to buy on their own, so it makes sense to reuse! Wendy and I worked together to create something different, it was quite a moment when Wendy made the first cut! She created gorgeous pleated detail over the top of the original bodice and cut back the underskirt and lower half of the dress to make it much shorter and more of a 50’s style.  She also made a little dress for my daughter using various of cuts from the dress and my veil 🙂

The theme I settled on was Aurora, goddess of dawn.  Representing new beginnings, and I adored the idea of using a lot of colour 🙂 As the idea developed I thought it would be nice  to involve some of the amazing creatives I’ve met and some fabulous new ones.  I met up with the amazing Nikki from Be…Eventful who was a godsend and helped me to pull everything together, as well as creating some beautiful details for the shoot.  I was utterly bowled over by how many amazing people wanted to be involved, I had such a fabulous team and am eternally grateful for their support and generosity with their time and designs.

With all this fabulousness around it was going to be impossible for me to just model without getting stuck in! so I asked my lovely friend Sarah to come and do a bit of a rock the frock for the first half of the shoot in her stunning black gown.  The idea being to let me shoot for a bit with Sarah and then leave to get my hair and makeup done for my own shoot.  For my own part we decided to go for two looks, one more toned down ‘bridal’ inspired look and the other a more all our colourful look involving the amazing underskirt custom made for me by Honeypie Boutique.

So after months of planning, it was the big day! As I leap out of bed in the cold December morning I couldn’t quite believe my eyes!! SNOW!! my first thought, other than this is going to be god dam pretty! was god how is everyone going to get there!! Fortunately most of us made it there without a hitch, the day didn’t quite run according to plan but we got some utterly fabulous weather! Photographer Jen Owens did an utterly outstanding job of photographing the day, she was an absolute trooper, particularly with the difficult lighting conditions, thank you sooo much Jen for these amazing shots 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved with making this shoot possible, and a particular mention for my amazing mum who has been my rock, she has given me the most amazing love and support, particularly over this last year, thank you mum.

Photography: Zoe Campbell Photography, Jen Owens Images   Event Planning and Styling: Be…Eventful  Models: Zoe Campbell, Sarah Drummond
Venue: Altskeith Country House Hotel
Dress Alterations:
Flossy and Dossy  Petticoat: Honeypie Boutique
Makeup: Emma Motion  Hair: James Cadle
Flowers: i heart flowers Jewellery: Alison Macleod  Hats: Sally Ann Provan  Shoes: Arabesque
Stationery: Label Laura Paperie  Cake and Candy Floss: Heather’s Cakes
Birds of Prey: Strathblane Falconry

So here we go!!!  below are my images taken on the day of the beautiful Sarah, and the 2nd set are taken by the wonderful Jen Owens.

How utterly amazing did Sarah look!! and that scenery was just to die for, I did a lot of swearing during that shoot I can tell you 😉 next up it was my turn so I skipped off to get my hair and makeup done… the following images were taken by the wonderful Jen Owens.



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