Love is the greatest emotion

of them all.

There’s no other way to say it, I love what I do. Love is the current that runs under everything I do. Love for yourself and your body, love for each other, love in whatever shape or form. The love of my surroundings—I have a deep love for the outdoors, my beautiful home of Scotland. Above all else, my goal is to make sure you feel it, too.

I’m Zoë


Life is good. I get to share it with my three beautiful girls, Nieve, Lyra, and Aila, and the love of my life, Sam (more about him in a minute!). We live tucked away in a beautiful village in the Campsie Fells in Scotland with our energetic pooch, Jess.

My love of photography began when studying Interior Design at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Dundee. Combined with a love and fascination of weddings and watching the hundreds that took place in the family hotel business, I saw the wedding photographers at work and dreamed one day of being able to capture all those unstaged moments myself. I launched my full-time wedding photography business in 2012 and I’ve been living the dream ever since!

YOU’LL FIND ME: Outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and revelling in some sideways Scottish rain hitting me full in the face.

MAKE ME SMILE BY: Throwing some logs on the fire when I walk in, sticking on a record and handing me a glass of wine as I cosy up on the sofa.

This is Sam


(I’ll let him introduce himself!)

By day, I’m a researcher at the University of Strathclyde but for the last 8 years I’ve also moonlighted as a photographer.

I’ve loved photography and film ever since I was a kid. Back then you’d find me making movies and stop-motion shorts. In university I dabbled in the darkroom. And over the years I’ve loved learning as I’ve worked with Zoë and many other amazing photographers. My scientist’s understanding of light, colour, and optics has helped me to develop my own unique style. But most of all I love capturing all the emotions.

I love photographing weddings with Zoë. We work well together (and we love working together), our skills complement each other and it’s always an honour to be a part of any couple’s important day.

I’M TOLD I’M: A calming influence to have around on an exciting but nerve-wracking day.

I LOVE TO CAPTURE: Emotional images—those fleeting moments of complete connection and those micro-expressions that are worth more than a thousand words.

These are the values I hold dear


Your experience matters

How you feel, what you’re thinking, every moment of your experience as you step in front of my camera counts for everything. These are the things you’ll remember every time you look at your photographs. So it matters to me that the steps you take to get to that moment are memorable, filled with love and spark confidence in you.


Photography that’s authentic

There are no forced or awkward poses here. We spend time getting to know one another. I delve into your motivations and where you’re at and figure out how to meet you there so every moment spent in front of the camera is about you and the whole experience as you work with.


And above all… emotions

There are no “shoulds” here. This is all about you and doing what feels right for you. There’s guidance, support and an always friendly face to lead the way but it’s you who decides what you do and don’t want to do as we work together. Go with your gut. Be led by your heart. And let’s make glorious images together.

“From our first meeting with Zoe we knew we were in good hands.

She made us feel at ease and managed to take some absolutely beautiful shots of two of the world’s most awkward people.”



Waste not time, nor love, nor squander life itself.

Sustainable living and design have been a passion of mine throughout my life. I make an effort to invest in quality items that last and use a circular economy approach by passing things along and buying second-hand where I can. It’s important to me to reduce waste, make sustainable choices, and minimise environmental impact in my business and at home.

As part of this commitment, for every client I work with, I make a donation on their behalf to Scotland: The Big Picture, a charity that focuses on rewilding Scotland. The outdoors and local environment play such a big part in my photography so this feels like the best way to give something back. Find out more about The Big Picture here.

Let’s make a

Whether it’s photographing you in the heart of the Scottish countryside, or capturing your love in a natural and artistically-crafted way, I’d love to hear from you.

Zoë x